2020 is a fruitful year for Stamina, how luckily

We finished the big project from Australia on time, our client is doing their assembly job now. They launched a new similar project to us without any doubt several days ago, they even don’t discuss any technical question with us, just throw us the drawings. It’s also drum, but of half cylinder, much longer. Our engineers still do deep investigation on the drawings, when they do this, they need to forget all the past projects, to avoid any mess-up or experience problem. After discuss among all the relative department, we decide to finish this project in two months.
At the same time, our other products for Germany and USA clients are finished and shipped out on time, all received good feedback.
Our output is more than 200% rising contrast to last year, with no quality problem at all.
Our scale is enlarged step by step, recruited some more workers and technicians, rented one more big workshop.
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We also bought a big lathe machine, can machine diameter up to 1200mm, length up to 6m.
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Our achievement also attracted the local government’s attention. Yantai FTZ government is very responsible, all the departments are of high efficiency. The relative departments came several times to invest our situation, try to help us to get more progress. We feel very thankful.
Our GM Jerry held a meeting to all the staff, introduced situation of the company, said thanks to every staff, suggested our future plan, and decided to gave more benefits to the staff. Jerry introduces Stamina’s mission again. Stamina should act as a responsible company, responsible for environment, responsible for society, responsible for staff.
Now we are launching investing land and constructing our own workshop.
Hope Stamina has a more brilliant tomorrow!

Post time: Dec-21-2020