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  • Centrifuge Basket

    Centrifuge Basket

    Name : Centrifuge Basket Function : Remove water and coal slime Type :STMNVVM1650-1 Component /Materials /size /Description 1.Discharge Flange : Q345B/OD1744mm /ID1679mm /T40mm /“X“one butt weld 2.Drive Flange : Q345B / OD1270mm /ID1075mm / T28mm / “X“one butt weld 3.Screen : Wedge wire / SS 304 / PW#120/Gaps 0.4mm/Spot welded onto# SR250 rod of 25mm centres/4pieces 4.Wear cone : SS304/T12x75 5.Highness : 952 mm 6.Half Angle : 15° 7.Stiffened vertical flat bar : Q235B /12PCS/ T8mm 8.Stiffened...