2020 is such a special year, COVID-19 is spreading all over the world from beginning of the year

Unexpectedly, 2020 is such a special year, COVID-19 is spreading all over the world from beginning of the year. All Chinese people lived a extraordinary quiet spring festival, no eating out nor shopping out, no meeting friends nor visiting relatives. It’s so different from before!

Thanks to Chinese government, the spread was well controlled, step by step, factories were opened one by one.
We were very anxious when at home, because we signed a big project just before the spring festival, with tight delivery time. Although the virus is unexpectedly, we don’t like to be late for any reason. So from the day we start work, all the staff work very hard together, overworked every day, in order to catch up with the delivery time.
Finally, we finished the first lot , 4pcs of drums are ready to ship out. Look! How beautiful are they! Sharing with golden glare, just as proud of all Stamina staff! Our client is also very happy to hear about it, the QC report shows that all the parameters are qualified, they can receive them in one month, how exciting! There are still over 50pcs to be finished, and COVID-19 still influence us, Our workers are not enough, many workers couldn’t leave their home since the holiday to avoid any risk. but we are very confident, we designed effective jigs to make the assembly of high efficiency, all the processes are smooth and skilled. Our workers don’t feel tired although overwork everyday, the company also try its best to give the workers more comfortable environment, with delicious dishes and break coffee and snacks.
Look again at the perfect drums, they are of zero defect. How strong the team is! It is so reliable and efficient,worthy of your trust!

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Post time: Dec-21-2020