The Chinese Spring Festival is very near, Johan and Jason fly here from Australia

The Chinese Spring Festival is very near, Johan and Jason fly here from Australia. It’s summer in Australia now, they wear short sleeve T-shirt inside their thick down coat. they bring us very warm present, it’s a big project!
During three busy days they stay here, we discussed deeply in detail about the big project, our engineer introduced our welding and machining process , showed our relative suppliers and machines including our new rebuilt machine for this project, pointed out the key process and key parameters. Our good understanding of the project makes our client relaxed and satisfied. The discuss is very smooth, it is for a huge mine in Australia, we will make a lot magnetic drums to replace the worn ones.
Magnetic drum is one of Stamina’s normal products,iIt is used in mining industry, a big roller with l lot strong magnets on it, it’s very difficult and dangerous to assemble the magnets, luckily we have abundant experience on it. Our welding and machining process are very mature, our assembly job with more than 2000 big magnets is of high efficiency and quality.
The contract was signed just one day before Chinese spring festival day, both parties were all happy and excited, all questions solved and all technical problem overcame. Johan and Jason are very confident with us, Stamina has supplied many kinds of products to them for many years , with low cost and high quality. They believe Stamina will do a good job for this project, although it is really a tough one.
The year 2020 seems to be a special year for us, our staff began our spring festival holiday from new year’s eve, it’s quite late, but all of us are full of happy and hope. Anyway, it’s an excellent beginning.

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Post time: Dec-21-2020